A specialized architect, interior, and designer.
Fahed Baker works as a lecturer at the Islamic University of Architectural Design and a design consultant at Fahed Baker Studio. He received a bachelor’s degree from the Islamic University in 2004 and a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Hartford, Connecticut, USA, in 2017.

Fahed started his work experience in 2002 as a graphic designer in a local company while studying for his bachelor's degree. After that, he worked as a graphic designer and member of the editorial board for the third, fourth, and fifth issues of Al-Omran magazine. He also designed several publications and publications for many local and international institutions, including the Heritage Architecture Center at the Islamic University and the International Islamic Relief Foundation.

In 2005, he worked as an architect in the Home Office for Engineering Consultants on several important projects, including supervising the implementation of decoration works at the Movenpick Hotel (currently ArcMid) and Blue Beach Chalets in Gaza, and designing the Brico House building in Ramallah and a group of housing units in Al-Rehan suburb in the West Bank.

In 2009, Fahed proposed a submission for the design competition of the Gaza Engineers Syndicate building, North Branch which won first place. Upon winning he founded the Innovative Design Office in 2010. His work at the office covered a variety of projects including the interior design of many residential apartments and shops, the design of Al Hilal Sports Club in Al Wusta, the design of the orphanage village in Khan Yunis, the design of a model school in Al-Tuffah neighborhood (Al-Isra University currently), the most prominent of which was the Capital Mall building in Gaza.
After returning to Gaza in 2018, he worked in the office on a number of designs, including a group of restaurants and capital stores in Khan Yunis and the NERO building in Gaza.

In 2015, Fahed was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to complete his graduate studies in the United States, which included many awards and successes, including the David Lapau Award, the University of Hartford Board of Trustees Award, and the AIA Medal for Academic Excellence. He also received the Student Project Award for the design of the American Cultural Center in Florence, Italy, and the Islamic Center in Montreal, Canada, from the World Architecture Awards, and the Student Project for Sustainable Projects Award for the design of a skyscraper in Hartford, from the US Green Building Council (USGBC). 

During and after his master's studies, Fahed worked at Amenta Emma Architects on several projects, including the interior design of the lobby of the 575 Madison Ave skyscraper in New York, the rehabilitation of Weaver High School, and the design of Albany Ave Park in Hartford.

Fahed is interested in studying contemporary architectural trends at the design and urban levels, and the visual relationships between architecture and multimedia forms. His article on mosque architecture was published in Faith & Form Architecture and an opinion piece on ArchDaily.

2017 Master Thesis Citation Award, University of Hartford.

2017 Regent’s Honor Award, University of Hartford.

2016 David La Bau Memorial Scholarship Award, University of Hartford.

2015 Fulbright Student Scholarship Program for Palestinians.

2012 Third place - Lawyers' Syndicate design contest, Gaza.

2009 First place - Engineers' Association north branch design contest, Gaza.​​​​​​

2017 “Optimizing a Parametric Energy Models for Use in Citywide Residential Overheating Analysis” 
Holmes, Rajkovich, Baker. Building Simulation Conference 2017, SF, USA.

2017 “What should Mosque architecture be?
Faith and Form, the interfaith journal on religion, art, and architecture. Vol L No. 2, 2017. ISSN 001477001.

2017 “Rethinking Architecture Through Branding”
A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment to the degree MArch, University of Hartford, CT, USA

2015 "Analysis of Thomas Schielke's Light Matters column from September"
Letter to the Editor, Arch Daily online architectural magazine.